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The Booli website is in Swedish only. But we know that there is non-swedish-speaking people surfing our website. So, for you we have put together a quick guide with translations for Boolis most common words!

Bostadssök = Search property (house/apartments).

Till salu = For sale

Slutpriser = Final prices. Here you can find out how much a house or apartment was sold for. This is good to know if you are looking for a new home.

Värdering/ Värdera en bostad = An indication of how much the property could be worth.

Hitta mäklare = Find a real estate agent. Only for people who are about to sell and are looking to find an agent.

Lägenhet = Apartment

Hyreslägenhet = Rental apartment - we don't have those at Booli though.

Bostadsrättslägenhet = Apartment (housing co-op)

Villa = House

Par/Rad/Kedjehus = Semi-detached house

Fritidshus = Vacation house

Gårdar = Farm/ranch

Tomt/mark = Land

Pris = Price

Avgift = "rent". If you own an apartment you still pay a little every month

Värdering = An indication of how much the property could be worth.

Annonstid/ Antal dagar/dgr = Days. How many days the property have been up for sale.

Boendekostnad = Living cost. The living cost is calculated to help you understand just how much you will have to pay every month for your house/apartment. This include for example "rent"/avgift, loans, running expenses and so on.

Driftkostnad = Running expenses. The bank sometimes include "driftkostnad" in it's calculations to help you understand how much the running expenses will be. (water/electricity/insurance/internet and so on).

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